about Jewelry 唐々創 (karakaraso)








”心でみなくちゃ、ものごとはよく見えないってことさ。かんじんなことは、目に見えないんだよ。”  サンテグジュペリの「星の王子さま」のキツネの名台詞。






ジュエリー唐々創 の世界をお楽しみただけたら幸いです。



Welcome to Jewelry Karakaraso.


We started as a pearl wholesaler in Yokohama 50 years ago.



"You can't see things clearly unless you see them with your heart. You can't see the real things with your eyes.'' A famous line from the fox in Saint-Exupéry's ``The Little Prince.


Jewelry has the power to make people feel "something important that cannot be seen."


We design and transform this "important things" that reside in each jewel in a visible form.


We hope you enjoy the world of jewelry creation.



The Only One Piece of Jewelry in the World



1. 宝石鑑別資格を持つオーナーがお客様のための宝石をひと粒ひと粒お選びします。


2. お客様の雰囲気が華やぐデザインを模索します。


3. イタリアで習得した彫金技術でジュエリー製作が始まります。







1. The owner, gemologist, will select each gemstone for the customer. 


2. We look for a design that will brighten up your mood.


3. Jewelry production begins using engraving techniques learned in Italy.



We use carefully selected gemstones to create unique, the only one piece of jewelry in the world according to the design for the client.