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<神奈川県: かながわSDGSパートナー(第6期)登録にされました>

-As SDGs Partner of Kanagawa Prefecture-



SDGs:Sustainable Development Goals  持続可能な開発目標


















What we can do to achieve the SDGs “to realize a sustainable society”.


Since our founding (over40 years ago), Jewelry Karakaraso has been actively engaged in jewelry renovation, which is the upcycling of jewelry.


At first glance, the jewelry industry may seem glamorous, but it has long been plagued with issues such as environmental destruction, conflicts, and working environment problems related to gemstone mining.


The reality is that with the efforts and thoughts of many people, a just stone can become a gemstone and be reborn as jewelry. We have been observing and actually involved in such situations for many years.


As a person who handles jewelry, we have been responsible for making jewelry since our founding, keeping in mind the effective use of resources, a miraculous gift from the earth.


Through our work, we have come to realize that jewelry is more than just an object; it is a special and mysterious medium that is linked to the memories, memories, and consciousness of its owner.


We value the thoughts of everyone involved in the creation of a piece of jewelry and continue to work on upcycling jewelry based on the concept of ``giving form to our customers' memories.''


2021 クリスマスVer: 「柊のブローチの作り方


Initiative for SDGs by Jewelry Karakaraso




We Jewelry Karakaraso are implementing the following 4 initiatives out of the 17 goals of SDGs.



We create genderless jewelry that makes everyone feel happy when they wear it, regardless of gender or race.


We fulfill our ``"responsibility to create'' by creating jewelry that embodies our customers' memories.  At the same time, jewelry that embodies memories becomes jewelry that customers will continue to be attached to, helping them fulfill their ``"responsibility to use'' jewelry.


By upcycling the client's jewelries, we prevent unnecessary mining of valuable resources and help protect the environment.


By upcycling jewelries, we will continue our small but effective efforts to resolve direct and indirect conflicts related to gemstone mining.

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